Planning Permission

Many of our buildings are exempt from planning permission. A lot depends on the elevation that is utilised and also the floor area. Listed buildings always require formal planning permission. Generally speaking once the development is to the rear and below the threshold of less than 40m2 of floor area there is a good chance its exempt.
Each case must be considered individually so do please get some solid advice on this basic first step to adding a garden room. We often advise on, and arrange independent certification relating to ‘substantial compliance with building regulations’. Should full planning permission be required we can prepare and submit an application. We have secured full planning permission for some very sensitive locations, including ‘listed’ period homes.  If preferred we can work closely with your Architect assisting with drawings and details.
Planning formalities and certification are important issues, and should be considered at the very earliest stage. We would be glad to take you through the procedure that is appropriate for your project.