Timber Roof Light

Our timber roof lights are hand crafted from the highest quality selected wood. They are normally double or triple glazed and incorporate our proprietary metal glazing system externally. All our roof lights are made to measure and can be engineered to cope with large spans. Outstanding u- value performance can be achieved, as well as a look that cannot be matched.

A wide range of colours as well as natural wood finishes are available. All important features should really be thought about in time. Roof ventilation can be incorporated and can be thermostatically controlled. Blinds can also be built in at the manufacturing stage so that guide wires, motors etc can be discreetly housed out of view.

If you need to accommodate a feature light piece we can custom build a supporting base into our ridge board so that it really looks ‘made for it’. We’d love to discuss self cleaning glass options, and passive haus roof lights, please let us know about your project, we will help you to decide on a sensible specification.