To all at Norman Pratt,

You were kind enough to send me earlier this year the base plan for the conservatory, which I moved from Corrig Avenue to Blackrock. I attach some photos and you can see that it worked out really well. Anyone who sees it including the former owners can not believe it is 20 years old and have been dismantled and re erected. The previous owners feel it is better than when they had it. So it is an excellent affirmation of the quality of the product.

I should also mention the process would not have been possible your fitting crew who did a really amazing job to dismantle and re erect it in really difficult circumstances because the base (not a fault of your base plan) was off. Not a piece was broken and it is fully watertight.

You may be interested to know that I put Kingspan Floor insulation (80mm) and 70, wall insulation in the sub walls and high wall. There is a deep compacted fill base and it seems to have worked very well in terms of heat retention, ease of heating etc. There were 4 radiators in the original, which I also moved and on a cold evening recently one radiator was more than sufficient to warm it.

Once again many thanks and if you want a reference for the longevity of a Norman Pratt Conservatory I will be happy to oblige.

Best regards,

Michael Griffen, Blackrock, Co Dublin.